Thursday, January 21, 2010

About Me

Being a mom is one of the journeys that I treasure the most. It full of ups and down, laugh and cry. But I know this moment is the best in ones women life and I don’t want to miss it. I am a strong believer in breastfeeding, a big fan of baby sling until I  managed to invent my own home made sling, cheaper than market of course! . Now, cloth diaper is my new passion and I would like to share it with all mamas out there. So mommies, feel free to browse through and let’s give the best for our generations. Come and share your thoughts and let’s be friends ! :) ... 

From mybabybucket with luv!


  1. slm..plz bg price borong utk sejadah knk2 n yg mn ade stok..blh cmpur2 ke?

  2. hello i wanted to ask about the prayer mats for children..Code : YKS-F-011
    Price : RM55.00



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