Saturday, January 23, 2010

Care Instruction

General Care
1.        Use only normal base detergent! Avoid those with softener, scent, bleacher and whatsoever. All this thing will layered up the inner and insert surface and eventually will decrease the absorbency. (I use among the cheapest one. Save my money AGAIN! )
2.       Do not iron
3.       wash with warm water
4.       No dry cleaning

First time use
Prewash it at least 3 times before start put it on to your baby. This step is essential to increase the absorbency and prevent leakage. Just soak it in the water for the whole night and in the morning, spin it and hang to dry . It’s your choice to add a little bit of detergent but make sure the detergent is a normal  ones. Without softener, bleacher and scent.

After used
Here I'll show you step by step how to wash the used cd. Pardon me the 'dirt'. Just for learning purpose.

Step 1. Remove ‘poo’-‘poo’ by spurting out water on it to toilet bowl

 Step 2. Soak with water and detergent. You can straight away hand-wash from here
Step 3. But if you choose to use washing machine, put it in laundry net and stash it in the machine.(easy huh!)

 Step 4. Dry in hot sun. It will get rid of the stain. Trust me!

Strip Washing
When it started to leak, you may want to perform a strip washing. Alternatively, you can choose to do it once a week/month. The steps are:-

1.        Soak cloth diaper in dish washing liquid
2.       Hand-wash it vigorously or use medium bristle brush to scrub the fleece.
3.       Turn it inside out and repeat step 2
4.       Rinse well and make sure no detergent residue left
5.        Put it under the sun.

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