Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cloth Diaper ?

Cloth diaper is a modern version of old nappy . It’s been created to meet today’s parents need with special features . Though it’s a cloth nappy but the quality and it’s goodness is never less than the branded disposable diapers (dispo) on market. In fact, the benefit of using this cloth diaper is so much more compare  to those ‘wasted’ diapers.

Why should I use cloth diaper?  

Cost Effective
Cloth diaper can be reused again and again and it’s last forever ( I mean before it torn out ;)). Whereas you have to throw out disposable diapers once it’s been used. Although at first, you have to invest some amount  of money but it will save your $$$ in the long run. I made some simple calculation of the cost differences between them.

Every child will need 5-6 diapers changed in a day and it costs about RM0.50 each for disposable diaper for 2 years. Let’s calculate :

Disposable Diaper (dd)
Cloth Diaper (cd)

6 dd * RM0.50 = RM3 per day
RM3 * 365 hari * 2 years = RM 2190

1 cd = RM40
10 cd * RM40 = RM400
20 cd * RM40 = RM800

You save >>> RM2190 – RM400 = RM1790 ! or  RM2190 – RM800 = RM1390 !
Plus you can pass it on to your next, next baby with no cost at all :D !!

Environment friendly
No dispo means less pollution! How ? All these used dispo will be dumped onto garbage landfill. One child use roughly 4380 in 2 years before he is diaper-free. So can you imagine how much landfill needed for all children around the world? And the numbers will increase year by year. Not to mention about the urine and faeces that will pollute more when they enter the landfill without being treated.

Healthier Baby
There are various harmful chemical substance can be found in dispo. For example there are Dioxin, Tributyl-tin (TBT) Sodium Polyacrate and absorbent gel. All these chemical can lead to birth defect, cancerous cell, skin disease and to very common skin rashes. But with cloth diaper, it’s a chemical free :) !

Easy to use and colourful
You can just snap it with button or simply apply the Velcro strap. Last but not least, it’s cute and colourful so you can just match it with any outfit!

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