Saturday, January 23, 2010


1.       What is :-
 Insert/ Soaker -> is a piece of cloth use to slide in under pocket diaper. The material can be microfibre, hemp or bamboo.
Microfleece -> is an inner of cloth diaper. It’s soft and chemical free.
PUL -> POLYURETHANE LAMINATE. Material to  to use for outer layer . It’s water resistant and breathable.
Pocket Diaper -> a diaper with opening at the end of it where we can put the insert. Cloth diaper and insert have to be washed separately. A little bit hassle but easy to dry.
All in One (AIO) -> the insert is sewn together inside the diaper. No need to  put it in and take it out for washing. Easy to put on but require extra time to dry coz it’s thicker.

2.      Can I use softener or scent?
No. Don’t use any enzyme such above coz it will decrease the absorbency. Just use general detergent without the above substance.

3.      Why the diaper leak?
Firstly, you have to pre-wash 3 times before usage. Secondly, make sure the insert is flat under the pocket. Next, adjust the button, zip to fit your baby’s size/leg. You can also do strip washing.

4.      How many should I buy?
Roughly, baby will need 5-6 diapers per day. It is recommended to buy for the usage of 2 days or more for rotation.

5.     When should I change the diaper?
The duration of cloth diaper usage is similar to disposable diaper. Change every 4-5 hours or when it gets wet.

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