Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nursing and Maternity Blouse 2 in1

The lovely drape of our Sommerset tunic will surely bring out the glow in you during your pregnant, breastfeeding or post -breastfeeding days. The fabric is so soft and flowy that it hides the extra pounds really well. It can be worn over leggings or paired with jeans and trousers - this lightweight and fashionable tunic really measures up!

Features lantern sleeve with smooth silky and attractive gathers from the empire line that flow well with the body.

Access type:
Neckline access by pulling aside or downwards to access the inner lining.

Material :
Cotton spandex

Size Available:

S - bust up to 34"
M- bust up to 36"
L - bust up to 38"
Variations: You can use a belt to adjust the amount of drape (as photographed in the picture)

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  1. sis...tiga2 ni available lagi x? watsapp sy pls - 0166146741



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